Study & Training

Classes & Training

All classes and rituals are conducted in English and you must be over 18 to study.

Cottonwood Star training is meant to give coven members a shared basis of practice, drawing from a wide range of occult practices.

Pre-initiatory training focuses on building a foundation for regular practice and self-knowledge; 1st degree training building magical skills; 2nd degree training on the inner lineage teachings and supported coven leadership; 3rd degree is the integration of all three and independent coven leadership (if desired)

Students meet regularly (2-3 times a month) in person or online for study.

Sabbats & Esbats

The coven gathers at least once a month for either a sabbat or esbat (full moon), based on an agreed upon calendar, generally on Friday nights.

We try to celebrate a balance of sabbats and esbats together but recognize that life is hectic and that sometimes solo practice is necessary in order to maintain family, work, and general life balance. Dates that students are expected to attend are clearly established beforehand – we generally gather 3 Friday nights a month for class, discussion or ritual.

Training and rituals are free but all coven members contribute to rituals by bringing items needed (flowers, wine, cookies, candles etc).

Personal Practice

Students are expected to commit to a regular practice in order to develop magical skills, self knowledge, and connection to deities, spirits, and ancestors. Occult practice can sometimes be de-stabilizing, which is why regular personal practice and self knowledge is important to the work – it is meant to help carry you through this process.

We provide a basic practice and ask that you learn it in order for the coven to have a shared magical language and foundation. Dedication and offerings; grounding and centering; banishing and energy work; and meditation are the foundations we build together, but ultimately your practice, once these are integrated and have become comfortable – is your own to modify as you see fit.

Want to join us?

If you are interested in studying and becoming a member of our please send us a well thought out letter explaining your personal reasons for applying using the contact form below.

This letter should include a little about you; your general interests and your experience with witchcraft and the occult; why you would like to work in a coven; and what your motives for studying witchcraft are.

Why do we ask all this information? To get a general sense of who you are and how you might fit into the group dynamic. Give us a sense of you, within your comfort levels, so that we can start a discussion and get to know one another. Ask us questions if you want. Think of this as the beginning of a 2 way interview. We’re platonically coven speed dating to see if we’re a good match 🙂 (joking, sort of).

Email us at: cottonwoodstar @

Vous pouvez Ă©crire en français mais veuillez noter par contre, que nous allons rĂ©pondre en anglais et que l’apprentissage et les rituels se font en anglais.